Welcoming Thimble to Glitch

Welcoming Thimble to Glitch

  • We're partnering with Mozilla to bring Thimble projects over to Glitch

TL;DR: Mozilla is beginning the process of shutting down Thimble. While Thimble won't be closed until December 2019, we're working with the Thimble team at Mozilla to make it as easy as possible to migrate your Thimble projects to Glitch now, so you can continue to build and publish apps, web pages, and more for free.

Thimble is Mozilla’s browser-based, educational code editor. As Mozilla has refocused its resources on other projects, the Thimble project has been in maintenance mode for some time, and recently the team made a plan to sunset the Thimble project in December 2019.

At Glitch, we're committed to the Thimble community, which means keeping the more than 1.4 million Thimble projects online, and providing Thimble users with a new home for your projects and users so that you can continue to edit and build new projects on Glitch for free.

We're working to make the migration process as simple as possible - it'll be just a few clicks. What's more, Thimble's incremental shut-down is being deliberately timed around semesters to minimize disruption to course schedules.

If you're not already familiar with Glitch, then learn more by watching this video and reading about how Glitch works (https://glitch.com/about/features/).


The connection between the Thimble and Glitch communities goes much deeper than just being able to import projects. At Glitch, we also celebrate creativity, inclusion, and openness and we're committed to making learning to code more accessible (https://medium.com/glitch/making-learning-to-code-more-accessible-d802effd52bf). We already work with some of the most respected tech education organizations and folks in the world, including many who've been major parts of the Thimble community. From national youth development nonprofits like Mouse, and student coding communities like freeCodeCamp and Major League Hacking (MLH), to individual K-12 and College educators (https://medium.com/glitch/how-glitch-is-used-in-the-classroom-7a3c3bbe76c1).

"Glitch is the kind of creative, low-barrier-to-entry and collaborative development environment that inspires digital innovators of all ages and experience levels to experiment and share." Meredith Summs, Director of Youth Engagement, Learning Design at Mouse

If you’re a Thimble user who wants to learn more about migrating your project to Glitch, then take a look at Mozilla's FAQ (link). We're also running introductory webinars for Thimble users on Glitch to welcome Thimble users in our community:

  • Tue 8 Jan 2019 6:00pm – 7pm Eastern Time. RSVP
  • Tue 22 Jan 2019 2:00pm – 3pm Eastern Time. RSVP
  • Wed 6 Feb 2019 6:00pm – 7pm Eastern Time. RSVP

But if you have any questions right now, then just let us know - we've created a category especially for Thimble users on our forum (https://support.glitch.com/c/thimble-help).

Welcome to Glitch! We can't wait to see what you create.