Welcome - An Example Document

Welcome to Draft! This document shows off a few things Draft does that's different from other editors. Feel free to make changes or delete it.

Note: You can easily switch between View and Edit mode with CMD/CTRL+R on your keyboard.

Collaboration & Merge Changes

Draft makes it super easy to merge in individual changes a collaborator might make to your document. This example document has one collaborator.

Click here to see their changes.

Or if you're in edit mode, use the menu at the top left to click "1 Collaborator". You'll see their changes. Accept or Ignore whatever you please.


Many online editors save arbitrary versions of your work. Draft autosaves everything, but you can also mark things as major versions. Use the action menu at the top right of the Edit page, to Mark Draft, or use the CMD/CTRL+S shortcut.

Click here to see the drafts of this document.

On-demand copyediting

If you don't have a friend or colleague available to help edit your document, Draft has a college educated group of writers on staff to look at your work for as little as $5. Just look for the "Ask a Pro" buttons in your documents.

Draft is a Markdown Editor

You can write in plain-text or HTML with Draft. You can also use Markdown.

Markdown allows you to write in easy-to-read text that still converts to HTML. Don't worry about learning Markdown; it's simple. For example: Bold and Italics. Here's how you make links: My link. The menu at the top right of edit-mode has the basics you'll need.

To learn a bit more about Markdown, use the Formatting link in the left menu of edit-mode:

Draft is simple, but powerful

Draft hopefully appears simple. You write; it autosaves. You can save major versions of your work and share with others. But there's a lot of utility inside.

When you want to explore the more advanced features of Draft, please have a peek at the Features page.