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The next task step is to determine how many resources are available. There are two ways to approach this. The first method is to base IT projects on the number of developers currently available or that will be available within the next year. The second method is to calculate the number of hours on projects that are approved and then hire the resources (including consultants) to complete them. With either method, you should ensure that you have enough college essay help resources for the projects so that end users know their projects will be completed during the year. If the resources are not sufficient, make sure both clients and management are aware.An example of a project for a large organization is an accounting report system for a division. The managers of the department may need specific data from the system that they are not getting from other reports. They go to their managers and put in a request, making their case for how much more efficient they would be if a new system was created. IT meets with the users, listens to the details, and makes some initial estimates to present to management. If the project fits into the company's budget and IT resource plan, management will approve it and put it on the schedule for the year.

Proper Planning of IT Projects To plan correctly for IT projects, there must be extensive planning and communication. Aside from budget planning meetings, there should be additional meetings to discuss every aspect of the project. Before the initial meetings, developers should learn more about the users' needs by researching, asking questions, and using current systems in place within the organization. A business analyst should prepare notes for the IT team to assist in better understanding the project.Using the example of the accounting reports, assume that management has approved the project. There should now be formal meetings led by the project manager. The users should give examples of reports. A business analyst should go over each report and the system being developed to create these reports. If necessary, the team building the system can break into smaller groups, perhaps one that focuses on the reports and one that focuses on the application. There should be as many meetings as needed for effective communication, and all meetings should be followed with meeting notes.