I don't have a personal like or dislike for Barry Bonds, but even the most ardent Bonds supporter should be disgusted with his lack of professionalism on the field this season. He doesn't even make the effort in the field, won't run out ground balls or pop ups and clearly doesn't give a hoot about his team. In a four day stretch over the weekend, Bonds made zero effort to catch a very playable fly ball, was the only Giant not to join his teammates at home plate following a dramatic bottom of the ninth Saturday rally against the rival Dodgers, and then Monday decided to remain in the batter's box after popping up.

On that last occurrence, there was a man of first and just one out, thereby creating an easy double play situation. Unless you're viewing Bonds through the most rose colored glasses on the planet, you have to be shaking your head at this guy. He's clearly only playing for whatever personal gratification he can derive from passing Babe Ruth on the HR chart, and has lost whatever dignity he may have possessed.

OVERRATED! Let the chant begin for Ricky "Hit Man" Hatton, the immensely popular British welterweight. Hatton seems like a great guy and you'll not find a guy who makes a better effort, but he's severely limited. Hatton has struggled some in each of his last two fights, and his incredible intensity can't camouflage his one note attack and shaky defense. Should Hatton end up in the same ring as the amazing Floyd Mayweather, it's a mismatch of enormous proportions. Mayweather at anything less than, 500 is grand larceny.

Las Vegas will soon host the Arena Bowl for a second straight year. The inept Gladiators sure won't be a part of the big game, but there's a good chance their former QB will. Clint Dolezel had another great season in leading Dallas to the best regular season AFL record, and the Desperadoes will have to run into a team playing well over its head to not make it to Las Vegas for this year's championship game.

The bitter irony here is that Dolezel loved Las Vegas, but couldn't get along with team owner Jim Ferraro. Dolezel left for Dallas, the Gladiators completely fell apart, and now Ferraro is looking for a new head coach, in essence throwing deposed leader Ron James under the bus. Sorry, Jim, but this one's on you. Put Dolezel back in a Las Vegas uniform and this year's Gladiators team would have been in the playoffs.

When I give out or sell a "guaranteed" winner, I have to make good if the game goes belly up. So there's at least something on the line. Not so for pro athletes. Anyone else sick of Rasheed Wallace and Chad Johnson issuing "guarantees" whenever they feel like it? It's not a guarantee if you don't back it up with something, guys. How 'bout a 5K check for your favorite charity the next time you can't deliver on your "guarantee"? In other words, put up or shut up. See you next week!

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