Cats as Emotional Support Animals

Can't decide whether to choose a cat or a dog as your ESA? While we equally love our canine and feline friends, today we will talk about cats and what makes them better emotional support animals than dogs.

To get a cat as your ESA, you will still need an esa letter for housing to live with it comfortably, something that equals all ESAs. What makes cats better ESAs than dogs? We have discussed some key points below.



1. Cats are Easy to Accommodate

Dogs need a lot of space to play and stretch, which means that they have a huge tendency of getting into your personal space. Additionally, dogs also have lots of stuff like toys and dog bed that they need to live comfortably. Cats, on the other hand, need much less to live comfortably. All they need is their litter box and their food and water bowls clean and prepared and they are happy.

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2. Cats are Affordable than Dogs

Cats are way more affordable than dogs. While some cat breeds could be excessively costly, like exotic breeds, on a general level, cats need less investment than dogs. Dogs are mischievous and they often destroy their toys and other things. Because of this, you will have to buy studier quality things for the dogs that is naturally expensive. Cats are fragile and do not need expensive and heavy duty toys.


3. Cats do not Need Daily Walks

Dogs need regular walks and exercise to stay healthy and robust. For an individual working full time, taking the dog out for daily walks could be difficult. Cats are homely creatures and they are happy to stay indoors and require minimal exercise. Bundling up against the window sill and watching the birds flying is a cat’s favorite hobby. She doesn't like to run around the yard and this is what makes it much more easy to handle and manage.

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4. Cats don't Make Noise

Dogs are noisy. And we all know this. Dogs love to make noise and if it is friends with the dogs living in the neighborhood or across the street then you cannot imagine the kind of howl they could create. Cats are generally quite and don't like to make noise. Meowing and purring is much cuter and quite than a full-fledged bark. Cats are nocturnal creatures but they seldom make any noise to wake your neighbor.


5. Kittens are Easier to Train

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend but, cats are generally smarter than dogs. Both kittens and puppies require rigorous hard work when introducing them to a new household. But, training a puppy is a constant and continuous process, especially when you are giving them potty training. Training a kitten is much easier and less time consuming. Once she learns about the litter box, she will remember it for life.

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6. Cats are Natural Hunters

Cats are born hunters, which naturally means that they have a natural tendency to stalk and hunt their prey. Because of this, it will keep your house pest free as it will detect and catch the bugs and mice that may have entered the house. While you must not let your cat eat any of its prey but who does not like a pest-free home!


7. Litter boxes Vs. Walks

What is easier? Cleaning a litter box or taking the dog to a daily walk for pee and poop purpose and scooping up the dog poop? We bet the earlier. While it may sound strange to have a cat’s ‘washroom’ in the corner of the house, cleaning a litter box is much easier than managing a dog. Also, cleaning a litter box is easier than all the work that a dog requires. Cats are naturally clean and they will hide away all of its dirty business, which is unlike a dog. 

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8. Cats are Cleaner

No matter how much we love Coco, dogs love dirty and smelly things. They love to roll in dirty places and this is why they need regular bathing, cleaning and grooming sessions. Cats are cleaner and they like to stay clean and tidy. Cats are self-cleaning machines that lick themselves clean and love doing it. If you still want to groom your cat, you can brush its coat and clip its nails, the rest they can do themselves.


9. Cats don’t Invade your Personal Space

Dogs need your constant attention and may follow you around the house once you come back from work. While we love having a doting dog, sometimes we just want to be left alone. Cats are notorious for being distant and cold and this actually makes them good companions for people who don't like anyone invading their personal space. Instead of following your around, they are happy to stay on their couch and purr away peacefully.



10. Cats may Have Health Benefits

It is said and believed that cats may have some health benefits for their owners. Since the are used as ESA letter animal's, they do offer stress relief benefits. Other than this, their purring is said to have healing and therapeutic benefits for muscles and bones. The frequency and vibrations created as a result of that purring have positive effects on joints and mobility issues.


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