Literature Term Paper Topics

A Presentation of Letter 1 on the Moral Dilemma in Clarissa by Samuel Richardson

In this paper topic to write my paper I will reveal a presentation of Letter 1 on the Moral Dilemma in Clarissa by Samuel Richardson. By understanding how Clarissa and Lovelace form a forbidden lvoe, we can learn why Richardson provides a moral dilemma between these two characters. In substantiating the evidence for moral vices in Clarissa, we can show how Miss Howe sets moral boundaries to prevent her from partaking in a romance with Lovelace.

A Proposal for a Study on James Joyce in the Modernist Movement, and the Irish Renaissance

In this paper an online essay writer will examine a proposal that will be presented for a 15 page paper on James Joyce. By analyzing the influence of this author in creating an Irish Renaissance, as well as the Modernist Movement, we can see why this author is important in literary history. By examining 8 sources on the literary and historical criticism of Joyce and his works, we can create a diverse paper on the writings of Joyce.

A Protest Against Latin American Culture: An Analysis of The Chronicle of a Death Foretold

The author Gabriel Garcia Marquez uses his novel "The Chronicle of a Death Foretold" as a means of addressing social issues in Latin American communities. The two most pressing social issues that Marquez discusses in the novel are those of gender norms and class norms, and how the people of these communities work to promote these differences despite the problems therein.

A Psychoanalytic View of Death in Oliver Twist

In this book, we may make a case for post-traumatic-stress-syndrome as it affects an entire society who has recently shifted from an agrarian life and mentality to an industrial one. The most prevalent psychological fascination for the author, and thus the overriding theme is death. It is the purpose, then, of this paper to demonstrate the psychology of death in Oliver.

A Qualitative Critique of Walton's Article.

This paper is a critique of the article by Walton. It mainly concentrates on theoretical content since that is the main problem. The other serious problem is methodology, caused by lack of theory. More:

A Question of Interpretation: The Saddest Scenes in Vergil's Aeneid

It will be argued that the three saddest scenes in the poem are Aeneas' tale of the death of Priam, the abandonment and suicide of Dido, and the defeat and death of Turnus. However, it must be acknowledged that this choice is determined by our modern context. As will be shown, within the cultural and political climate that created this work, these scenes may not have all been regarded as sad.

A Reader Response to the William Faulkners's A Rose for Emily

This paper will discuss a reader response for the story by William Faulkners's "A Rose for Emily" By discussing the timeline within the tale, we can see how the ramifications of time can be seen throughout the story and it subjective nature to the reader. By analyzing these responses, we can how it is clear what the motivations of Faulkner are in making this story.

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