ART AND ENTERTAINMENT. The word is the special gift by which God is man and distinguishes him from all other creatures. Only man can clearly and logically express his thoughts, feelings, experiences with his vocal cords and articulating organs. The ability to speak and express one's thoughts has a great impact on the human psyche. It seems simple: say what comes into your head. How to write an essay But in practice, not only to make a speech, but even to think about it carefully, not everyone can write an effective, fine stylistic written text. Many people have wondered how to write an essay. As they say in the service ultius in fact it is not such a simple genre. There are no strict forms here, like the sonnets defined by the odam, but still creating an essay requires a lot of effort and literary talent.

584336_feather-pen-writing-letter-with-ink-bottle-hd-wallpapers-colby-r_2560x1440_h.jpg Before we think about how to write an essay, we need to adopt and apply general literary rules that will be helpful to any writer, whether fable writer or journalist.

It is not true that the art of writing lies in the ability to write. The best writer must be able to draw, invent, and correct himself. To write an essay on Л. N. Tolstoy believed that a writer who does not know the exact meaning of the word he uses should be forever spoiled and forbidden to write. Write early in the morning, without alcohol, just writing requires a lot of mental effort. Before the "birth" of the work, you need to think about the idea, the course of events, the thoughts of the hero, and so on. If you are familiar with these classic rules, you can start writing essays. How to write an essay? Examples of brilliant work can be found in I. Brodsky, F. G. Lorca, A. S. Pushkin.


How to write an essay on a topic

Topics of essays can be very different. The genre even involves a smooth change of topic. An essay is a monologue, one might say an oral monologue. And oral speech does not involve the presentation of a single topic. On the contrary, an easy but limited transition from one topic to another, the connection of different topics in one piece are the signs of a good essay.

How to write examples of essays It could be a new perspective on the structure of the platypus genital organ, your experience of a lost toothpick, a desire for a brief autobiography, or a description of a summer. In general, anything that comes to mind.However, when writing, you should look at essay bot reviews and then , adhere to one rule: the narrative should end with what began. It is better if the title does not contain a direct indication of the main topic.

Of course, all essays should follow the same style. If you are not sure of the style of the word you wish to use, you can check with a dictionary. Many word patterns are often placed on a pen, but they are not acceptable in a literary, written statement.

There are special artistic techniques that increase the effectiveness, expressiveness, and quality of the text as a whole. To read them properly, you can read the book. Dove, "Stylistics of the Russian Language." There is also a lot of information on how to write an essay. Perfection in this genre is limitless.

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