Examples of cause and effect in an essay photodune-11477592-essay-concept-notepad-s.jpg In composition, cause and effect is a relationship mode or development essay in which the author analyzes the cause-and / or consequences-of an action, event, or decision. A causal attitude can be organized in many different ways. For example, causes and / or effects can be arranged in chronological order or in reverse chronological order. Alternatively, you can pay for essay and make it easier for yourself to write. Immediate Causes and Root Causes “Determining causes and effects is usually thought-provoking and rather difficult. One of the reasons for this is that there are two types of causes: immediate causes, which are easily distinguishable, since immediate effects and final causes that are somewhat eliminated. Are not so obvious and even In addition, the ultimate causes can lead to consequences that become direct causes themselves, creating a causal chain.For example, consider the following causal chain: Sally, a computer vendor, basically prepared to meet a customer (root cause), made an impression on the client (immediate cause) and made a very large sale (effect). The network did not stop there: a big sale led to the fact that the employer promoted it (effect). " (Alfred Rosa and Paul Eshholz, Models for Writers, 6th St. Martin's Press, 1998) Writing a cause / effect essay “For all its conceptual complexity, the cause / effect of an essay can be very easily organized. The introduction usually introduces the essence and purpose of the analysis, set out in a clear thesis. The main work then explores all relevant causes and / or effects, which usually progress from the smallest to most influential, or from lowest to least influential.Finally, the last section summarizes the various causal relationships identified in the main body of the paper and clearly indicates the conclusions that can be drawn from these relationships. Thanks to the site https://payforessay.pro/buy-assignment/, you can simplify your task and the work will be done for you. Car effects “I take care in a private car. It's a messy, noisy, wasteful and lonely ride. It pollutes the air, destroys safety and sociability on the street, and disciplines a person who demands a lot more freedom than it gives them. ... This leads to the fact that a huge amount of land is unnecessarily detached from nature and flora and deprives it of any natural function. It blows up cities, seriously undermines the whole institution of neighborhood, fragments and destroys communities. cities as true cultural and social communities and prevented anyone else from building in their place. the plane replaced other, more civilized and convenient means of transportation, as a result of which the elderly, the infirm, the poor and the children were in a worse position than they were a hundred years ago. (George F. Kennan, Democracy and the Student Left, 1968) Examples and effects of entropy “Because of the nervous irreversibility, entropy is called the arrow of time. We all understand this instinctively. Children's rooms left alone become messy rather than tidy. Wood rot, metal rust, people quarrel and flowers fade. Even the mountains in the city, we see entropy in decrepit subways, worn out sidewalks and ruined buildings, in the growing disorder in our lives. If we suddenly see how the color returns to the old building, we would know that something is wrong. If we saw how the egg spread and jumped back into its shell, we would laugh the same way we laugh, like in a movie backwards. " (KC Cole, "The Arrow of Time." March 18, 1982) Additional Resources: Case study writing services Physics Modpack Essay How to choose an abstract topic How to Write better Essay composition Writing guide