Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect involve the process of the reasons why things are done. It discusses why things happen and what follows as a result.

These are the same principles that are used when writing what is known as a Cause and Effect essay. Such an essay asks questions such as, "why did this happen"? "What happened because of this"? When writing a cause and effect essay, consider the following examples from the "best editing services" company:

Cause: Your house has no lights

Effect: It has no electricity

Cause: Lost my job

Effect: Bad economy, corporate greed, government mismanagement

Cause: Have rent issues

Effect: Lost job, no longer have the finances to pay one's bills

These are just some of the above examples of writing a cause and effect essay.

When writing such an essay, you need to develop a thesis statement. You need to state clearly the subject you are discussing, in this case, the causes and effects of the material you are writing about. Also, you need to get the essay in order; it needs to be written in logical order or sequence.

For example:

-Chronological: The dates such events occurred in the essay, and the order in which such events occurred.

-Order of Importance: Details should be written from the least to the most important.

-Categorical: The details of the essay are broken up into categories or sections.

The proper wordage should be used as well. For example, when writing about causes, you should use such words as "because", "due to", "since", "for", "first", "second". for effects, "consequently", "ergo", or "as a result", "thus", "therefore". Remember too, to keep your mind on the subject at hand, remember your purpose, decide whether your essay is to inform or persuade or convince. Always focus on direct causes and effects; it should be clear to the reader the point you are making.

Also, use corroborating or supporting evidence, read examples from the website. Clearly define the meaning of the terms that you are using so that your readers can clearly follow you. More importantly, choose an essay topic that your readers can clearly relate to. For example, The Causes of Poverty, which is generally not a difficult subject.

If you follow through and follow the above suggestions, you will have an essay that is purposeful and meaningful in its objective.

This is an example of writing a Cause and Effect subject that will be both delightful and enjoyable to read. Such essays are indeed challenging and intriguing.

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