Codecademy "Hidden" Courses

Update: Most or all of these courses have now been deleted from Codecademy's website, so this is essentially a collection of dead links now. You can see the current Codecademy courses at

Here are some of the "hidden" courses on Codecademy that I've found:

(Old) Make a Website:

Web Projects:

Code Year:

Hour of Code - Sun, Earth, and Code:

Teach Yourself Python:

Data management for scientists:

Enhance your website:

Reading or Beginning HTML:


How To Make JS Your Own:

Testing Your Code:

Christmas Presents - Review of Objects:

The Date Object:

JQuery (Original):

CSS: Coding With Style:

Advanced CSS Positioning:

CfE Computer Science:

JQuery and Ajax:

Track(2):Intro to the DOM:

Teach Yourself JavaScript:

Recursion in JavaScript:

Multimedia Projects (Demo):


Web (Original):

Hour of code: Start Programming!:

Mastering Markdown:

Novice Values & Variables:

Web Fundamentals Course[Original]:

HTML + JavaScript + CSS:

Mandrill API:

YouTube API:

Twitter API:

npr API:

Evernote API:


SoundCloud API:

Big O:

PHP Functions:

PHP Object oriented (classes):

PHP Arrays: