Meredith and Andy have been together for two years, they have a lot in common and they are each other's best friend. Until one day, Meredith saw the unexpected. She went up to Andy's apartment early in the morning because she wants to surprise him with her homemade breakfast, something she just learned from Youtube. Meredith has the key to Andy's apartment, everything looks usual and normal when she enters through the main door, but not so in the bedroom. Clothes and undergarments on the floor. The next thing she saw, Andy was lying with another woman, someone she knows, Andy knows. It's Lara, Andy's colleague at Massie Avenue. She hasn't notice anything unusual with their relationship lately, no quarrels, no fighting, no cold wars; in fact things have been going well between the two of them that they are planning to upgrade their status to Mr. and Mrs. Hansen. Meredith was in a confused state when she left, Andy was still sleeping, Lara saw her leaving while she tries to wake Andy up.

Meredith is broken hearted, Andy is enveloped with guilt. They just do not know how to face each other, nevertheless they can't just leave things hanging forever. One fine day, they met for lunch and talked very little, the entire atmosphere was awkward, it was so different from any of their previous dates except the first one when they just got together; where Andy dressed up as a suave gentleman, Meredith on the other hand showed up in shorts and worn-out t-shirt. After they're half-way into their lunch, Meredith finally initiated with a question, "what happened?" Andy replied, "I am so sorry...", "I know it's crazy but for some reason I have mistaken Lara for you, we were drunk after my company drinking session that Friday and then..." Meredith was trying to take it in whatever Andy was trying to tell her. Long pause. Andy continued, "I didn't even know how I came home" Long pause again. "I know it might sound irresponsible, but I really didn't remember how it was like, I mean if Lara and I even have sex" Meredith finally responded, "I am hearing two things here; you are telling me that you wouldn't have slept with her had you not mistakenly her for me? On the contrary, you are not sure if you had sex with her? I am not even sure if I am hearing all these from you, Andy". Long pause. "Did you secretly hoping in your heart that I would never came to your apartment that day? Will you come clean with me had I not seen it with my own eyes? You know what, I am not sure if I want to keep this relationship going anymore. Let's just split." It was really hard for Meredith to initiate the split, but at the same time, she could not see how she and Andy can continue from this point onward. She kissed him and hugged him for the last time and left. Andy sat there, clenched his fist and cursed.

Fast forward 7years. Andy is in Changi Airport on his way to Sydney when he heard someone calling him, "Andy, come back!" he pauses and turns. Before he could land his eyes to the source where the voice calling his name was coming from, here comes a 3years old boy running towards his direction and so he thought, the boy is Andy. He continued his steps until he heard the boy's mother again, and this time it is louder, clearer; a voice that he was familiar with 7 years ago. It is Meredith. Finally he is seeing her again, standing in front of him after all these years, after that last good-bye lunch. Emotion wells up, he could not help himself but to rush to her direction. Meredith was surprise to see her old friend, with a wide smile, she greeted him and extended her hand. Andy ignored her hand and hugged her tightly, "how have you been? where have you been?", he asked. Meredith responded "I am glad to see you again, you look good. This is my son, Andy, he's three" Andy looked at the boy and said, "he has your grin, he smiles just like you, Mer" Meredith nodded with a smile.

As they were talking, Meredith's husband is approaching them, "Daddy daddy..." calls his son. David nods and smiles, Meredith introduced them to each other, David extended his hand to Andy and said, "I have heard a lot about you from Meredith, it's nice to meet you in person at last" Andy smirks, "I hope she told you both the good and bad sides of me" and smiles. "Haha" They all laughed.

To be continued...