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FinDom Methodology

For the better part of 15 years, I have been a Professional Dominatrix. Out of my 14 total years, I spent 7 1/2 of them absolutely refusing to engage in Financial Domination, directly. The reason for this was due to a position of ignorance: I thought the only people who engaged in such a practice were NOT Dominatrices. I could not see Myself fitting into the niche that was seemingly filled with ladies who inhabited the princess/whore narrative.

Firstly, I approach BDSM from a cerebral/therapeutic standpoint. If you are drawn in by My appearance, fine, but do understand that I have no use for your penis, orgasm, or sexual pleasuring capabilities any more than you have a definite plan for My keen ability to understand implementing Austrian economics vis-a-vis cryptocurrency. I aim to use BDSM as a vehicle for change, especially because I believe it is the largest, most misunderstood branch of human social groups - There is no quintessential Reason I Practice BDSM. There is no standardized model. There is no common denominator. And this is why I am working toward trying to educate people in the ways of the lifestyle - so the misunderstandings and marginalization can one day be a thing of the past. As much as I wasn't a particular fan of the Fifty Shades series, I think it did more to bring BDSM to the dinner table than anything else (since Madonna).

As educated as I was in many facets of the lifestyle, I was ignorant of Financial Domination. The exposure I had was Princess Mandie Sexxygirl flipping her blonde hair away from her enormous cleavage and calling all her slaves "pathetic loser" and "faggot sissy cocksucker" - inviting her slaves to masturbate to her and eat their own ejaculate. It seemed like being a rude-version Sugar Baby without the physical touch. Whereas I've grown to respect the places these Women have in the scene, I do not particularly enjoy the type of clients they draw. That said, I was cognizant of the fact that there shouldn't have been a mystique about dominating someone's dollars/spending rather than their physical body. After all, a body is a tool for your brain to use to participate in life - and dollars are a tool to acquire items that satisfy wants and needs.

In all transactions, there is an opportunity cost, whether in currency or time - so if you take up a Domme's time without intending to shell out currency for the opportunity cost, she is missing an opportunity to talk to a sub/slave who will actually be lucrative. Literally WASTING time. Even if it's something small, be respectful. Unless you're whoring yourself out to every Domme, feigning interest in every one you come across, you will not lose that much money in your search. You may even get lucky the first time. If you can't afford it, FinDom probably isn't right for you. I wouldn't do a pain-heavy session with a slave whose tolerance was two-slaps-safe-word, and I certainly don't want to waste time extensively negotiating on every tiny thing when I could be getting better slaves/clients in that frame of time. A Professional Dominatrix can spend anywhere from an hour to twenty hours per day doing all the ground work in building up her business, and you're taking up her time, only to give nothing in return, when others WOULD pay for it. If you ALSO have your dick in your hand throughout most of the process, you are part of the problem. Porn stars get paid, amateurs get screen time so they can become professionals, fetish models get paid, sugar babies get paid, cam girls get paid, and you expect our services for free? No. Do the research, find the right Domme, and pursue Her.

We are not objects at your disposal. Though We may take a keen interest in you, that does not mean We owe you anything. Our relationship is purely monetary, and anything above/beyond that is a bonus. The more We are pleased, the more We may decide to spend more opportunity cost on you. In fact, We may grow attached to you, perhaps even romantically. Though, that varies from Domme to Domme. Some of My closest relationships have been with slaves (My last D/s relationship lasted for almost a decade), but I don't speak for all of My Sisters when I say that.

My personal brand of Financial Domination may include any of the following:

  • Micromanagement of financial transactions.
  • Financial analysis, career advice, planning to improve financial state.
  • Writing/reflection, progress reports, and measurements.
  • Dietary changes, eating habits, exercise routine - financially punitive if not met.
  • Informative sessions involving how to optimize being a Finslave.
  • Helpful tidbits, insight, and improvement notes.
  • Invasive monitoring via surveillance/tracking programs.
  • Extensive behavior modification and training. ... and more.

Those points I mentioned are on the light side of slavery. More becomes available when I decide you are worthy of more detailed and intense activity. You may find yourself turning tricks for My benefit.

To conclude My note, I bring to your attention the fact that Domination is psychologically extreme, and I hope it goes far in allowing you to become the best human creature you can. The transformative power of suffering and pain is a beautiful, twisted, wondrous thing - and putting your life in the hands of a Professional is something that will be beneficial for years of your life, if taken seriously and executed properly.