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Send targeted emails (Without driving your developers crazy)

Customer.io helps marketers own email by pulling email content and sending logic out of code and in to a powerful online email platform. You never need to ask your developers to deploy to update an email again!

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Designed for web businesses

  • Use the things people do in-app and on-site to send emails.
  • No manual importing of lists over and over again.
  • Track effectiveness by seeing how many people do what you asked them to.

Powerful Customer Segmentation

  • Find people who are over 45, have clicked on at least one email, viewed the upgrade page and invited 5 friends. Customer.io makes it easy to ask questions of your data (and then send an email).
  • When you create a segment, we go through all historical data to find the needles in a haystack.
  • After that, every new piece of data is evaluated in real time so you know you're always up to date.

Understand each person better

  • Send data about your customers. You decide what details you want to save in customer.io like details about them, and things they've done in your app.
  • Every email is archived so you can see the full history of your interactions with them.

Manage all your emails in one place

  • Send segmented newsletters. Email everyone who bought once but hasn't bought in the past month
  • Send lifecycle emails. Convert more people by triggering emails based on what they do (or don't do).
  • Send autoresponders to help people make a buying decision and pick your product.
  • Send transactional emails -- like password resets, payment confirmations, and invites.

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Other stuff we may want to mention...

Top tier deliverability - use our account, or send through your sendgrid, mailgun or SMTP servers.

A/B testing -- not out yet but hopefully will by the time we release this homepage